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A helpful (if not exactly laser-focused) toolbox library for .NET.
EO.Web contains more than two dozen high quality server controls for ASP.NET, including Menu, TabStrip, TreeView, Grid, Dialog, HTML Editor, ToolBar, Spell Checker, Calendar, Date/Time Picker and much more. Several controls, such as ProgressBar, ToolBar and ScriptEvent are completely free. Support... More information
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.Net Toolbox - Source Available -J-egan/toolificent
An internal library containing common classes and utilities for the Useful Toolbox .NET projects. Applications and libraries should not reference this package directly.
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  • WebAPI Test Toolbox
Various cool things to make life easier for developing and testing ASP.Net Web API projects
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  • ToolBox Tool Box
The ToolBox provides helpful APIs, that otherwise would be implemented several times.