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PagerSlidingTabStrip for Xamarin.Android
A greatly enhanced and customisable Tab control for use with ViewPagers. Offers complete control over each tab's contents and how they are updated as things change. Started originally as a .Net port of Andreas Stütz's Java project (found at https://github.com/astuetz/PagerSlidingTabStrip). It... More information
Tab Strip Plugin for Xamarin.Forms (iOS, Android and UWP)
Create TabStrip style tabbed navigation control. Configure control to have custom navigation headers and custom navigation arrows.
EO.Web Controls for ASP.NET
EO.Web contains more than two dozen high quality server controls for ASP.NET, including Menu, TabStrip, TreeView, Grid, Dialog, HTML Editor, ToolBar, Spell Checker, Calendar, Date/Time Picker and much more. Several controls, such as ProgressBar, ToolBar and ScriptEvent are completely free. Support... More information