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  • grumson gamepad
Grumson GamePad helper class. I made this class for my use, but if someone find useful it's free tu use.
XInput wrapper in a single and monolithic C# class that can be embedded as source code in any project. No external libraries, except XInput1_4.DLL but it ships today as a system component in Windows 8/8.1/10. It is available "inbox" and does not require redistribution with an application. To... More information
MaulingMonKey's typescript gamepad API for consistent cross-browser and cross-gamepad binding, polling for input, etc.
A helper PCL (InputStateManager) for MonoGame useful for querying keyboard, mouse, touch and gamepad inputs. Currently it provides convenience-methods in a fluent manner for: - Keyboard (Key) Sub-context for 'Is' and 'Was', helper functions for 'Any-ALT (...SHIFT, CTRL)' and NumLock and... More information