XInput wrapper in a single and monolithic C# class that can be embedded as source code in any project. No external libraries, except XInput1_4.DLL but it ships today as a system component in Windows 8/8.1/10. It is available "inbox" and does not require redistribution with an application. To... More information
Communication Library for .NET allows read and write registers of the F5 Combivert with help of the DIN66019-II protocol. - Tcp and BootP protocols. - Read/write parameters. - Sets of parameters. - Display standarts. - Operator panels. - Searching combiverts over BootP protocol (in draft state).
High-level interface for Beckhoff's TwinCAT.Ads API library that might save a lot of development time. You don't need of network threads and variable handles anymore. Just declare a C# variable and bind it via the variable attribute to the PLC var. That's all. See examples at GitHub project... More information