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The EMDK for Xamarin v5.0 provides developers with a comprehensive set of tools to easily create powerful line of business applications for Android enterprise mobile computing devices while retaining their C# skills and tools. The EMDK for Xamarin includes class libraries, sample applications with... More information
Syncfusion Diagram for Windows Forms is a .NET component used to build diagrams like flow charts, organizational charts, mind maps, and floor plans. Key features: • Build any kind of diagram with in-built or custom objects. • Built in standard shapes. • Connectors with straight, orthogonal,... More information
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  • base symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol/wiki/Symbol.dll for more information.
Syncfusion color palette for WPF is a .NET UI library which allows users to select a color from a set of swatches using touch navigation. Key features: • Provides nearly 600 predefined solid colors. • Change the selected color in the control with mouse or touch interaction. Learn more:... More information
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  • nosql ado orm symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol.Data/wiki/Home for more information.
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  • web symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol/wiki/Symbol.Web.dll for more information.
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  • cloud symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol.Cloud/wiki/Home for more information.
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  • cloud server symbol
服务端组件 请在最终运行的项目中引用对应运行环境库,例如基于DotNetty的Symbol.Cloud.Server.DotNetty
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  • web symbol
Please see https://github.com/symbolspace/Symbol.Drawing/wiki/Home for more information.
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  • service host symbol
服务宿主 请在服务最终运行项目中,启动服务,以下为 Program.cs 参考代码: /// <summary> /// 程序入口类 /// </summary> static class ServiceProgram { /// <summary> /// 主函数入口 /// </summary> /// <param name="args">参数列表。</param> static void Main(params string[] args) {... More information