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This package contains a portable version of the .NET pluralization service from the System.Data.Entity.Design namespace, that works with .NET 4.61 or above, .NET Core 2.x, or .NET Standard 2.x.
"Pluralize" strings inline. Similar to String.Format(), but with sentences. Pluralizer allows you to use one string to express two variations (singular or plural) of a sentence that are dependent on a numeric value.
Demonstration of NuGet package that adds a couple of HtmlHelper methods to your project. It uses templating to change the name of a class and modify the appropriate web.config sections. This will be used for an upcoming speaking session. For a great pluralization library capable of pluralizing... More information
Inflector is a simple lightweight .NET portable class library enabling you to pluralize, singularize, titleize (...) words in a specific culture. More info available at: https://github.com/abelepereira/Inflector-Portable This library is based on Scott Kirkland original work... More information