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This package provides the functionality to utilize the features of Syncfusion WinForms Autocomplete, Carousel, Menu, Multicolumn ComboBox, Color Picker, Docking Manager, Hub Tile, Navigation Drawer, Navigation View, Radial Menu, Radial Slider, Range Slider, Rating, Ribbon, Spell Checker, Split... More information
This library provides XAML layout controls. It is a part of the Windows Community Toolkit. Controls: - BladeView: Provides a horizontal collection of blades for drilling into detailed scenarios. - Carousel: Presents items in a carousel control. - Expander: Expander... More information
The Syncfusion UI components for JavaScript (Essential JS 1) contains comprehensive suite of HTML5 and JavaScript components for enterprise web development. Essential JS 1 components are built on top of the jQuery library. This package contains more than 70 components, including grid, charts,... More information
Innovoft.IO.SplitReaders is a library for efficient csv column reading. When reading small csv files and on one thread using a TextReader and doing a string.Split(...) is not an issue. But when reading 100 GB csv files on 48 threads, string creation ends up being an issue because of all the GC that... More information