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ODP.NET, Managed Driver is a 100% native code .NET Framework driver for Oracle Database. No additional Oracle Client software is required to be installed to connect to Oracle Database.
Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) Core is an ADO.NET driver that provides fast data access from Microsoft .NET Core clients to Oracle databases. ODP.NET Core consists of a single 100% managed code dynamic-link library.
LLBLGen Pro is a leading ORM framework and entity modelling solution for .NET. This package contains the Dynamic Query Engine for Oracle using ODP.NET. This package has an indirect dependency on Oracle's ODP.NET ADO.NET provider, and it has to be present on the system at runtime. It's not... More information
Oracle DataAccess x64 This NuGet package contains Oracle.DataAccess.dll (x64) needed to compile a project that uses Oracle's ODP.NET Library. Oracle will still need to be installed on the production or development machine in order to connect to Oracle.