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用于快速进行Http请求的链式拓展方法库 Example Usage: var url = "http://www.domain.com/api"; var response = await url.CreateHttpRequest() .UseUserAgent(UserAgents.FireFox) .AddHeader("header1", "header1Value") .UsePost()... More information
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A .Net Helper Library For Rapid Development.Give You A Easy Way Send Http Request
简单、易用、高效 一个有态度的开源.Net Http请求框架!可以用制作爬虫,api请求等等。让你感受一个简易到极致的HTTP编程. 让编程更简易,代码更简洁。用法请查看:https://github.com/stulzq/HttpCode.Core
The first version of a simple library to call rest APIs. Uses stream to write responses and static httpclient to more efficience.