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This is .NET5.0 release of Renci SSH.NET library, which old nuget package is currently causing issues when publishing projects that inlude it due to old references.
## Description A library of classes and methods for any .NET >= 5 application - Common useful extensions for strings, arrays, ... - Custom config class by inheriting Config<> and it auto-reads your json config file into the C# class - Dump.Write() equivalent to Console.Log in javascript - Convert... More information
Deploys the NCache Session State Provider in an ASP.NET web application for .NET Framework. The services include complete session management module to replace the default ASP.NET Core session management with additional NCache exclusive features such as session locking that follows the flow of... More information
A .NET 5.0 Blazor Razor Class Library (BRCL) that include Navigation menu, PageContainer, Pagination, Sort, Search, Banner, Footer and other helpful components and classes. Features used include Blazor cascading values and parameters.