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Fpr by: swannee
What was Fpr is now Mapster: https://www.nuget.org/packages/Mapster/ Mapster 2.0 has better features and is significantly faster in most cases than Fpr...and now works for .Net 4.0/4.5/.Net Core A fast, fun and stimulating object to object mapper. Kind of like AutoMapper, just simpler and... More information
A fast way to read and write to Excel *.xlsx files without using the Open XML library.
Free and Open Source fork of ServiceStack.Text V3 .NET's JSON, JSV and CSV Text Serializers. Fast, Light, Resilient. Includes the String and Stream functionality for all the NServiceKit projects including: - T.Dump() generic extension method for easy debugging and... More information
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  • last updated 3/30/2018
  • Latest version: 1.1.1
  • CSV parser fast
A library for fast read data with CSV format according to RFC4180 with small extensions. Best solution for parse very large data files
Snappy is a compression algorithm reaching over 250MB/s compression and 500MB/s decompression speeds while still providing interesting compression ratio. This is a source code package that compiles Snappy into your project.
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  • last updated 6/29/2018
  • Latest version: 0.3.0
  • LINQ Fast Array List
Drop-in-place Memory and Performance optimizations for LINQ
Eco Tools is a set of classes and methods that helps to develop performance critical code on the top of .NET Framework.
Binaries for the StackExpress web framework. Visit http://www.ServiceStack.net/ServiceStack.Hello/ and https://github.com/ServiceStack/ServiceStack/wiki/Create-your-first-webservice for walk throughs and docs on creating your first web service.
Freud by: k0d
Freud is fast and simple serialization framework allow you construct and reconstruct sibmpe objects to/from byte array
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  • last updated 2/7/2019
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • CRC CRC32 Fast CRC
Really fast CRC implementation. It's faster than popular CRC Nuget packages 1.5-20 times