• Features of S22.Imap - Supports IMAP IDLE notifications - Supports IMAP over SSL/TLS - API designed to be very easy to use - Allows selectively fetching parts of mail messages - Inherently thread-safe -... More information
  • Features of S22.Xmpp - Supports XMPP over TLS/SSL - SASL Authentication (PLAIN, DIGEST-MD5, and SCRAM-SHA-1) - User Avatars - SOCKS5 and In-Band File-Transfer - In-Band Registration - User Mood - User... More information
  • Features of S22.Pop3 - Supports POP over SSL - API designed to be very easy to use - Allows selectively fetching the headers of mail messages - Well documented with lots of example code - Free to use in... More information
  • A .NET assembly which adds a couple of extension methods to the MailMessage class of the System.Net.Mail namespace. It also contains a serializable replica of the MailMessage class.
  • SlimDX.D3D11Control takes care of the boilerplate of device context initialization and swapchain setup. It also provides a couple of useful properties for configuring vertical synchronization, setting the... More information
  • Implements the password-based key derivation function scrypt specified in RFC 7914.
  • The library supports the following authentication mechanisms: - Plain - Cram-Md5 - NTLM - NTLMv2 - OAuth - OAuth 2.0 - Digest-Md5 - Scram-Sha-1 - SRP Custom SASL Security Providers can be implemented... More information