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  • Cookies
By adding the queryparameter allowCookies=on or allowCookies=off cookies will be disabled or enabled. (cookis are enabled by setting an allowCookies cookie with the value "on") - On the server side a http-module attached to the ResponseEnd event will clear all cookies if they are not... More information
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  • OGN FlightLog
.Net Client for the OGN (Open Glider Network) KTrax Logbook FlightLog at https://ktrax.kisstech.ch/logbook/ based on http://live.glidernet.org/
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  • Sitecore Fieldtype
Sitecore List Field for showing 23Video's and one save setting the Embed code as Raw value (ready to use in rendering). Created for easily embedding 23Video. Requires Sitecore 6.x and Sitecore Rocks. PageEditor mode is not implemented (Use EditFrames).