ConfigureAwait(true) and ConfigureAwait(false) are very important when dealing with asynchronous code. However, they make code hard to read and easy to fail. ObviousAwait introduces two aliases: KeepContext() and FreeContext(), reducing the cognitive load while reading and writing asynchronous... More information
Drag&Drop in WinForms is cumbersome and error-prone. There are multiple events to handle, members to track and properties to set on at least two controls. Passing data is kind of special and you don't get preview images while dragging things aroud. This package brings rich Drag&Drop experience to... More information
FluentTransitions lets you create animated transitions of any property of user-interface elements in .NET. It provides an easy way to perform UI animations in a similar way to Apple's Core Animation library for iOS, iPadOS and macOS. The app icon was made by Freepik from and is... More information
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  • Latest version: 1.1.0
  • quic# C# Scripting
A simple C# scripting engine without dependencies (beyond .NET 3.5). Usage: var executor = new ScriptExecutor(... any ScriptLogger ...); executor.Execute(... source code ...);
WinFormsCT will scan any System.Windows.Forms.Form and all of its child controls recursively to generate a sliced-based height map. This package contains the tomographer as well as a UserControl to interactively browse your WinForms UI.
FluentDrag&Drop is the sexiest Drag&Drop implemtation for WinForms on this planet. This package extends FluentDrag&Drop with rich effects. Powered by FluentTransitions. The app icon was made by Freepik from and is licensed by Creative Commons BY 3.0.