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TMX Tile Map Loader
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Goal of Library: * Easy to use * Use Classes to eliminate the possibility of accidental struct copies * Reasonably fast Potential Uses: * Orthographic (2D looking straight-on) Tile Engines in C# * Easy to integrate with OpenTK or XNA Runtime Requirements: * .net 4, .net 4 client profile, or .net... More information
TMX Parser PCL
TMX Parser for Portable Class Library (.Net 4.5, WP 8.0, WP 8.1, WinStore 8.1, MonoDroid, MonoTouch (Classic), Xamarin.iOS)
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Library for reading Tiled TMX files.
A generic model for tilemaps based on the TMX Map Format used by the Tiled Map Editor. Provides a TMX parser for maps with a minimum TMX version of 0.15. Supports the entire spec (currently up to version 1.0) besides terrain types.