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  • Bootstrap Tags
NuGet Package for bootstrap-tagsinput. See http://github.com/cigano/bootstrap-tagsinput for more details. Updated to Bootstrap 3.3.7. Restricting jQuery version (up to 2.2.4).
Support for SQL Server for Hangfire.Tags. This seperate library is required in order to search for tags, and proper cleanup.
Simple and configurable tag editing widget with autocomplete support.
MediaInfo.NET provides a fast, easy-to-use .NET wrapper for MediaInfo.dll. It abstracts the calls to the underlaying native DLL and provides strongly typed fields for each kind of media stream within a file.
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  • last updated 7/20/2021
  • Latest version: 1.8.0
  • hangfire tags redis
Support for Redis for Hangfire.Tags. This separate library is required in order to search for tags, and proper cleanup.
You can benefit from an input with tagging support when you want to let users enter tags for a post, select multiples contacts from a list, or any other situation where it's appropriate to have an inline, as-you-type list of items.
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My personal use tools.
Tags Manager A jQuery plugin (working nicely with Twitter Bootstrap). Licensed under the Mozilla Public LLicense, Version 2.2 You may not use this work except in compliance with the License.