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Windows Azure Shared Caching
Windows Azure Shared Caching enables you to easily provision a cache in the cloud to be used from any applications or services that could benefit from caching. Caching increases performance by temporarily storing information from other backend sources. High performance is achieved by maintaining... More information
Xamarin & .NET Core Ready, SMB/CIFS(Windows shared folder) Access Library. This is a port of SharpCifs to .NET Standard. You can access the Windows shared folder, NAS by Xamarin & .NET Core.(= without mpr.dll, Netapi32.dll) It's a rework of SharpCifs, and The origin is JCIFS.
The SharedMemory class library provides a set of C# classes that utilise a memory-mapped file for fast low-level inter-process communication (IPC) - specifically for sharing data between processes. It features: * a lock-free FIFO circular buffer * a simple fixed-size generic shared memory array... More information
This package provides assets used for self-contained deployments of an ASP.NET Core application. It is an internal implementation package not meant for direct consumption. Please do not reference directly. Microsoft.AspNetCore.App provides a default set of APIs for building an ASP.NET Core... More information
Provides a default set of APIs for building an ASP.NET Core application. Contains assets used for self-contained deployments. This package is an internal implementation of the .NET Core SDK and is not meant to be used as a normal PackageReference. This package was built from the source code... More information