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Provides a fluent configuration API to apply commonly needed serialization options to a POCO (and it's properties). Follows same conventions and principals as FluentValidator.
A DataContract implmentations for RockLib.Serialization. This package was built from the source code at https://github.com/RockLib/RockLib.Serialization/tree/master/RockLib.Serialization/tree/78e4cffd56c159a3e77eedabfdf0719a18627dc1
Yeah, you can access json with dynamic & Json.Net. But why can't we have the old static way? Is there no one miss the happiness of working with intellisense? There must be a easy way. 动态调用RestAPI返回的json, 确实很简单 但是你自己要封装一个SDK给别人,你好意思给人家说明书让人家看着说明书动态调用么?... More information