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This script pack allows the structure of objects to be dumped from within the REPL or scripts. It utilises JSON.Net for serialisation. A number of options are provided: Object References (Include/Exclude) Output Format (PrettyPrint/Compact) Null Values (Include/Exclude)
This Script Pack for scriptcs provides management of Windows Azure resources via the Windows Azure Management Libraries. Provides the following: - Compute Management (Deployments, Hosted/Cloud Services, Operating Systems, Service Certificates, Virtual Machines, Virtual Machine Images & Disks) -... More information
T4 and CSX (C# script) scaffolding for .NET Core without IDE, T4 support for .net 5 and .net core 3.1+, transform .tt and .csx files from your command line or runtime, based on roslyn, no 3rdparty dependencies. One of the very few tools that supports custom namespace, nuget, reflection... More information
This is a temporary package aimed at resolving Nuget.Core issues in KPM until ASP.NET 5 goes out of beta3. ScriptCs.Hosting provides common services necessary for hosting scriptcs in your application.
This script pack allows a log level to be set at the script level and provides the following methods to write out messages at the appropriate log level : Error, Warn, Info and Debug.