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Common entities and models for dealing with cryptocurrency data and exchanges. Some Exchanges API client implementation. Some RippleNet (XRP) functionalities.
Ripple.NetCore is a set of .Net libraries for working with the Ripple network. The only supported functionality at this time is offline signing of transactions.
Simple client to facilitate the use of Bitstamp API. It covers the functions for - getting the account Balance - getting the market Tickers - create market or limit Orders - List the open Orders - Cancel an Order - get the Transactions history Tickers are cached for a custom amount of seconds... More information
Zapster XRP Payment Gateway is a FREE and convenient way to accept XRP payments from your website directly to your XRP Wallet. We provide Instant Payment Notification services for XRP Payments with no fees or transaction costs. This is an Asp.Net Client SDK for integration with Zapster API V1.