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A .NET implementation of Discord's Rich Presence functionality. This library supports all features of the Rich Presence that the official C++ library supports, plus a few extra. "Players love to show off what they are playing with Discord’s status feature. With Rich Presence you can add beautiful... More information
This plugin will include presence awareness for a given person field. It works on IE, Chrome and Firefox. In order for this plugin to work. To install this plugin you can use bower or via nuget You must have Lync client installed. Needs jquery You will need to include the main.css and... More information
A Discord RPC (Rich Presence Client) library written in C#. This is a edited version of @Lachee his Discord Rich Presence package, so some credits of this package goes to him. When trying to use his package a lot of things went wrong, so I build my own, to check if it would work. Below are some of... More information