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.NET Libaray for Object pools. Object pools can improve application performance in situations where you require multiple instances of a class and the class is expensive to create or destroy. When a client program requests a new object, the object pool first attempts to provide one that has already... More information
此程序集是RRQM的核心开源库,其中包含了内存池、高性能序列化、日志接口在内的很多基本内容。 更新内容: 增加:ByteBlock独立读写功能。 增加:ByteBlock创建临时对象。 修改:只有在net45及其以上版本才可以判断文件是否打开。 特别说明:本程序集在源码里内嵌了Newtonsoft.Json 11.0.3,但为防止冲突,已修改其命名空间。 特此感谢其作者!!! 附带其Github:https://github.com/JamesNK/Newtonsoft.Json
Object Pool Library for reusing objects in .Net. Reuse of objects decreases load on Garbage Collector and increases performance of application. Library is based on Roslyn ObjectPool.