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BloomApi.net is a client library for the Healthcare API, https://www.bloomapi.com/. Query healthcare datasets such as the NPI, ICD, HCPCS, and other Medicare data. For more information on the client visit https://github.com/untoldone/bloomapi.net/.
Supported Platforms: • NETFramework Rapidly develop robust, accurate, and extremely fast OCR and Forms Recognition and Processing applications that extract text and data from document images. With OCR technology, users can extract text from images or converts images to text-searchable and editable... More information
Supported Platforms: • NETFramework Create, parse, and send HL7 messages, thereby enabling your application to communicate with other HL7 applications and seamlessly participate in the enterprise environment. Create complete end-to-end enterprise medical applications that include DICOM, PACS, and... More information