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You can use this nuget in the following scenarios: * The class MMEncryptionTripleDES was added * Encrypt and Decrypt Data using the algorithm Triple Des. * Generate a 128 Key to encrypt data. * Encrypt and Decrypt Data based in a Key. * The clase DTExtensions was... More information
ConsoleHelper makes it easy to make lists in a console application. Use keys for up and down and typing text for highlighting.
LINQ overloads. SelectRecursive SelectAncestors Add Remove AddRange Concat CrossJoin Distinct DistinctMany Except FirstWithClearException SingleOrDefaultWithClearException SingleWithClearException ForEach IndexOf TryGetIndexOf MinOrDefault MaxOrDefault PeekOrDefault PopOrDefault Product RemoveFirst... More information
LargeList is an implementation of Collection<> and List<> that can hold a number of elements limited only by the available memory, tested up to 8 billions.