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Ported from https://github.com/rs/xid - A fast, low allocation, zero config, thread-safe 12 byte UUID generator based on the Mongo Object Id algorithm.
Support for .Net 5 is now included in this package Supported by JetBrains (https://www.jetbrains.com) Supported by Atlassian (https://www.atlassian.com) (Not renewed by me) Parses series or movie strings to detailed object. Input:... More information
Simple but flexible and powerful utility for generating random names: - human-like, e.g. Jim Deam, Henrie Avdeev, Lanita Leutbecher - or github/docker style identifiers, like sympathetic_alligator, UnsuitedHistorian, Psychedelic-FundRaiser - or anything in between, like Bob_The_Builder,... More information
Simple static method for generating IDs like those used by Stripe and other services