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SteamStoreQuery is a simple library that allows you to search the Steam store and get listings for related games, including their price (USD), name, store link, image link, and app id. (Uses undocumented, not supported store endpoint)
3-Heights™ PDF Toolbox is a fast and robust API for assembling PDF documents from various sources, creating PDF documents from scratch and modifying PDF documents. It also offers numerous features for programmatically filling, editing, extracting and flattening form fields. Ideal for automating... More information
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Generate WebApplication Log (*Like As Error Of Types and What Time User Access Page,etc)
This is project to help creating SQL entities (tables) by json formated syntax and insert, update or delete rows in created or updated entities.
A dotnet tool for cobbling together a solution file from a set of target projects that includes all of their project dependencies. ### Description Sometimes we find ourselves working in a solution that has many projects and complicated dependency graphs when we could get better performance out of... More information