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MVC 4 Controls Extensions contains extension methods for standard html & Knockout editable generic Grid, Vertical Grid, dropdown, textbox, radiobuton & checkbox controls.
This package contains the required metadata to use Knockout JS with the Saltarelle C# to JavaScript compiler. It is a slightly modified version of the knockout import library from the Script# project by Nikhil Kothari (https://github.com/nikhilk/scriptsharp).
MVC 2 Controls Toolkit is a complete set of advanced server controls for MVC 2 ranging from a templated edit-on line datagrid to date-picker and custom formatted textboxes, supporting client validation and globalization. MVC Controls Toolkit makes it easier to define new complex controls for MVC... More information
C#-javascript binding with Awesomium allowing to use HTML UI with MVVM pattern. This framework act as a glue between a C# ViewModel and a awesomium IWebView using knockout.js as an infrastructure. This allows to reuse 100% of View Model written for WPF in a HTML UI. After, nuget instalation you can... More information