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Rebex ZIP is a ZIP, UnZIP, DEFLATE, zlib and GZIP compression library with multi-core compression support. This is a paid commercial product with a free 30-day trial: - Trial mode: Start your free 30-day trial by generating your trial key at https://rebex.net/support/trial-key.aspx - Licensed... More information
  • 1,766 total downloads
  • last updated 8/7/2013
  • Latest version: 0.1.7
  • zlib javascript
compact zlib, deflate, inflate, zip library in JavaScript
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  • last updated 1/11/2017
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  • zlib C native
A solution upgrade from vc11 to vc14_xp. Add the libs to the library path of your application.
Zopfli Compression Algorithm is a new zlib (gzip, deflate) compatible compressor. This compressor takes more time (~100x slower), but compresses around 5% better than zlib and better than any other zlib-compatible compressor we have found.
(Unofficial) Signed Snappy.NET Library. The containing assembly was generated by signing the officially published Snappy.NET.dll. Snappy is an extremely fast compressor (250MB/s) and decompressor (500MB/s). Snappy.NET is a P/Invoke wrapper around native Snappy, which additionally implements... More information
zlib is a general purpose data compression library. This package bundles the dynamic and static libraries for Visual Studio 2013 and 2015.