Node.js 5.0.0

Node.js uses an event-driven, non-blocking I/O model that makes it lightweight and efficient. Node.js' package ecosystem, npm, is the largest ecosystem of open source libraries in the world.

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Install-Package Node.js -Version 5.0.0
dotnet add package Node.js --version 5.0.0
<PackageReference Include="Node.js" Version="5.0.0" />
For projects that support PackageReference, copy this XML node into the project file to reference the package.
paket add Node.js --version 5.0.0
The NuGet Team does not provide support for this client. Please contact its maintainers for support.

Release Notes

[buffer]: (Breaking) Removed both 'raw' and 'raws' encoding types from Buffer, these have been deprecated for a long time (Sakthipriyan Vairamani) #2859.

[console]: (Breaking) Values reported by console.time() now have 3 decimals of accuracy added (Michaël Zasso) #3166.

- fs.readFile*(), fs.writeFile*(), and fs.appendFile*() now also accept a file descriptor as their first argument (Johannes Wüller) #3163.
- (Breaking) In fs.readFile(), if an encoding is specified and the internal toString() fails the error is no longer thrown but is passed to the callback (Evan Lucas) #3485.
- (Breaking) In (using the, length, position, encoding, callback) form), if the internal toString() fails the error is no longer thrown but is passed to the callback (Evan Lucas) #3503.

- Fixed a bug where pipelined http requests would stall (Fedor Indutny) #3342.
- (Breaking) When parsing HTTP, don't add duplicates of the following headers: Retry-After, ETag, Last-Modified, Server, Age, Expires. This is in addition to the following headers which already block duplicates: Content-Type, Content-Length, User-Agent, Referer, Host, Authorization, Proxy-Authorization, If-Modified-Since, If-Unmodified-Since, From, Location, Max-Forwards (James M Snell) #3090.
- (Breaking) The callback argument to OutgoingMessage#setTimeout() must be a function or a TypeError is thrown (James M Snell) #3090.
- (Breaking) HTTP methods and header names must now conform to the RFC 2616 "token" rule, a list of allowed characters that excludes control characters and a number of separator characters. Specifically, methods and header names must now match /^[a-zA-Z0-9_!#$%&'*+.^`|~-]+$/ or a TypeError will be thrown (James M Snell) #2526.

- (Breaking) Deprecated the _linklist module (Rich Trott) #3078.
- (Breaking) Removed require.paths and require.registerExtension(), both had been previously set to throw Error when accessed (Sakthipriyan Vairamani) #2922.

[npm]: Upgraded to version 3.3.6 from 2.14.7, see for more details. This is a major version bump for npm and it has seen a significant amount of change. Please see the original npm v3.0.0 release notes for a list of major changes (Rebecca Turner) #3310.

[src]: (Breaking) Bumped NODE_MODULE_VERSION to 47 from 46, this is necessary due to the V8 upgrade. Native add-ons will need to be recompiled (Rod Vagg) #3400.

[timers]: Attempt to reuse the timer handle for setTimeout().unref(). This fixes a long-standing known issue where unrefed timers would perviously hold beforeExit open (Fedor Indutny) #3407.

- Added ALPN Support (Shigeki Ohtsu) #2564.
- TLS options can now be passed in an object to createSecurePair() (Коренберг Марк) #2441.
- (Breaking) The default minimum DH key size for tls.connect() is now 1024 bits and a warning is shown when DH key size is less than 2048 bits. This a security consideration to prevent "logjam" attacks. A new minDHSize TLS option can be used to override the default. (Shigeki Ohtsu) #1831.

- (Breaking) util.p() was deprecated for years, and has now been removed (Wyatt Preul) #3432.
- (Breaking) util.inherits() can now work with ES6 classes. This is considered a breaking change because of potential subtle side-effects caused by a change from directly reassigning the prototype of the constructor using ctor.prototype = Object.create(superCtor.prototype, { constructor: { ... } }) to using Object.setPrototypeOf(ctor.prototype, superCtor.prototype) (Michaël Zasso) #3455.

[v8]: (Breaking) Upgraded to from (Ali Ijaz Sheikh) #3351.
- Implements the spread operator, see for further information.
- Implements, see for further information.

[zlib]: Decompression now throws on truncated input (e.g. unexpected end of file) (Yuval Brik) #2595.


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Version History

Version Downloads Last updated
5.3.0 899,558 12/20/2015
5.2.0 1,834 12/20/2015
5.1.1 632 12/20/2015
5.1.0 707 12/20/2015
5.0.0 855 12/20/2015
4.2.3 2,665 12/20/2015
4.2.2 1,199 12/20/2015
4.2.1 624 12/20/2015
4.2.0 1,020 12/20/2015
4.1.2 1,028 12/20/2015
4.1.1 686 12/20/2015
4.1.0 645 12/20/2015
4.0.0 61,570 9/15/2015
0.12.7 294,001 7/25/2015
0.12.6 624 7/25/2015
0.12.5 644 7/25/2015
0.12.4 691 7/25/2015
0.12.3 626 7/25/2015
0.12.2 666 7/25/2015
0.12.1 735 7/25/2015
0.12.0 57,459 2/15/2015
0.10.36 19,152 2/4/2015
0.10.35 699 2/4/2015
0.10.34 650 2/4/2015
0.10.33 14,905 10/30/2014
0.10.32 7,219 9/17/2014
0.10.31 6,997 8/30/2014
0.10.30 681 8/30/2014
0.10.29 9,375 6/18/2014
0.10.28 338,128 5/16/2014
0.10.27 663 5/16/2014 124,935 3/18/2014
0.10.26 6,053 2/19/2014
0.10.25 4,141 1/23/2014
0.10.24 5,398 1/6/2014
0.10.23 8,256 12/12/2013
0.10.22 676 12/12/2013
0.10.21 51,394 11/7/2013