extension of twitter bootstrap, confirm modal
There is a situation that we need user to confirm before they proceed their action. You don’t want to accidently delete very important information. So I come up the idea to extend the bootstrap modal popup to create a confirm modal before calling the function to delete some stuff.
extension of twitter bootstrap, styled toggle button with callbacks
give you opportunity to style your toggle buttons, with your own css classes or bootstrap predefined button classes customize the callback events, such as onclick, onchecked, & onunchecked.
Paging and Sorting in MVC 3
Server side paging and sorting in MVC 3, easy to use. Download the source code from codeplex with examples.
There is a situation where I display a screen dynamically load a partial view using ajax. And when the authentication expires, user initiates an ajax call, then the action is being called without authorization. It actually returns a login view inside the DOM object on the page rather than returns... More information