Port of UriTemplate and UriTemplateMatch classes from the original Microsoft .Net Framework 4.8 and all the surrounded classes from System.ServiceModel.dll, System.ServiceModel.Web.dll
This library can be used to create a process that run interectively or as a service. It hosts Application Service modules that interact with GetEventStore. Usage: 1) Create a simple Console app and reference this nuget package. 2) From the Main function call 'ConfigureServiceHost.Configure();'
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  • Latest version: 1.0.0
  • CloudEvent
simple type to represent a message based on the CloudEvent standard - cloudevent.io
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Encryption Decryption with default implementation using AES256
This library contains a SecureEventStoreDomainRepository able to encrypt decrypt events in case the "encrypt" key is present in the event metadata. It needs an KeyReader and a CryptoService to be used for the security operations. These classes are to be implemented based on the provided interfaces.... More information