• 1,298 total downloads
    • last updated 2/16/2019
    • Latest version: 0.0.23
    • Sniffers Security
    Simple Network Sniffer
  • Simple HTTP/S files downloader, supporting multi parts connections
    • 666 total downloads
    • last updated 7/4/2019
    • Latest version: 0.0.22
    • Network Services
    Simple library to check if network services are available on remote host, support ICMP (Ping), TCP, UDP
  • Simple Library to expose network connections (TCP/UDP) per process, can be searchable by process id or process name. in first use the library must be initialize, the tables can be overwrited later.
    • 431 total downloads
    • last updated 6/29/2019
    • Latest version: 0.0.24
    • Process IPC
    synchronise processes using shared file, every process try to lock a file
  • Hide external files inside jpg image, most jpg encoders looks only the image stream and ignore other data.