• This is targeted for signing the contents of NuGet packages that are using unsigned assemblies, in order to be able to link to these packages where the consuming project is strongly named. Access to the original source code is not required, and you may sign any assembly with your own strong naming... More information
  • A back-port of the SignalR client to .NET 3.5. It relies on the TPL nuget package and some simple shims to bridge the framework gap. Use version 1.1.4 for the SignalR v1.x server. Built from 2.0.0
  • The WCF Data Services Toolkit is a set of extensions to WCF Data Services (the .NET implementation of OData) that attempt to make it easier to create OData services on top of arbitrary data stores without having deep knowledge of LINQ. It was born out of the needs of real-world services such as... More information
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    • last updated 6/5/2011
    • Latest version: 0.4.0
    Write your own PowerShell provider using only script, no C# required. The provider implementation can modeled by any Windows PowerShell 2.0 Module, which may be pure script, binary or a mix of both. Examples and docs online at http://psprovider.codeplex.com/
  • Allows rebalancing of grain activations across a cluster. Useful during rolling upgrades where placement can be very unbalanced at the end of the deployment.