• dotnet-apim is a cross-platform dotnet tool which streamlines the CI/CD process of deploying APIs into Azure API Management.
    • 49,109 total downloads
    • last updated 2/2/2020
    • Latest version: 2.0.2
    • git
    RelationalGit extracts valuable information about commits, blames, changes, devs, and pull requests out of git's data structure and imports them to a relational database such as Microsoft SQL Server. These data... More information
    • 34,286 total downloads
    • last updated 11/6/2018
    • Latest version: 1.0.7
    • octokit
    Enriches Octokit with Caching, Resilient Connections and Logging capabilities.
  • Mailzory helps you to send emails which are based on Razor templates. Mailzory is dependent on RazorEngine project.
    • 4,162 total downloads
    • last updated 5/13/2019
    • Latest version: 0.1.6
    Kaftar provides a structure to facilitate designing the application layer of your program in CQRS
    • 1,622 total downloads
    • last updated 7/2/2019
    • Latest version: 0.9.5
    Octokit.Bot provides you with a simple to use framework and easy to start way for building GitHub Apps