Windows Phone Toolkit (Kinnara's fork)
Windows Phone Toolkit customized by Kinnara. Includes fixes, improvements, and more controls. This package also includes localized resources, XML documentation, and 76x76 ApplicationBar icons. Highlights: ApplicationBarSubmenu Submenu for an application bar item. FlipView Lets people flip... More information
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  • last updated 1/15/2014
  • Latest version: 5.1.20125
  • silverlight
Silverlight.js is a helper file which enables Web sites to create advanced Silverlight installation and instantiation experiences.
Kinnara Toolkit
Provides a set of components to help create beautiful and consistent Windows Phone user interfaces and make common programming tasks easier. Supported Framework • Windows Phone 8.1 [Windows Runtime apps only]
高德地图 Windows Phone API
高德地图Windows Phone API 是一套简单的地图应用开发调用接口,可支持地图显示与操作,兴趣点搜索,地理编码与基站定位等功能;开发者可以轻松地将其嵌入自己的应用程序,并提供稳定的位置及地图应用程序。
Nokia Map SDK
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  • last updated 2/22/2012
  • Latest version: 1.0.0
Nokia Map SDK is an assistant toolkit that encapsulates Nokia Map Image API, including interfaces and functions related to Basic Map, Tilting Map, Address search, Points of interest and Routes. DLL reference of Nokia Map SDK are added to customer's App, so that the underlying API of the SDK can be... More information
LongListSelector for Windows Phone 7.5
This package provides the enhanced LongListSelector control for Windows Phone 7.5, with the same API as the Windows Phone 8 LongListSelector. This is not the Windows Phone toolkit LongListSelector. Main advantages: Supports full data and UI virtualization Supports grouped grid layout Better... More information
Windows Phone Media Viewer
MediaViewer class: A control which displays content in a page-by-page fashion similar to the built-in picture viewer. It supports an optional header and footer, and in between it renders items supplied by your app. This control also has the ability to allow users to pinch zoom when viewing items.... More information