• Teaq is a mini-ORM that offers object materialization, relational mapping and query batching services. Teaq offers a simple API to do common database interactions with SQL Server. Performance is most important, as is low startup cost. In addition, queries can be arbitrarily batched to minimize... More information
  • Using RestKit is as simple as 'representation = Resource.Json().Get(uri)', then 'representation.GetContentAsJson()'. You can therefore handle unexpected content. Variations exist for Xml and Text. For advanced scenarios, you have full control of serialization, a callback pipeline, and full access to... More information
  • CryptKeeper enables you to store secrets in memory and use SecureString with reliably destroyed clear text. The CryptKeeper Secret class is designed to be thread-safe. You can use the underlying secret as an array of bytes or a string (if you must).