• Creates an ASCII tree of any structure (visualize a tree using characters only)
  • The simplest/easiest way to translate a DataTable into an Excel document (XLSX) - A more advanced setup can be used too if you need more control of the output. - Based on OpenXML from Microsoft - As lightweight as it can be. This is among the simplest and fastest libraries to convert a DataTable to... More information
  • GDS ADO Extensions contains some useful extensions and tools for ADO. (SqlDataReader.MapToClass<T>), GenerateClassFromTable, ConnectionString tools and more.
  • Image.Resize(extension) High quality resizing of the image in just one line of code. Image.ToBytes(extension) Convert image/bitmap to byte array. Image.SaveAs(extension) Save Image/Bitmap as file. Supported formats are: BMP, GIF, JPG, PNG and TIF. More GDI+ extensions will come in next... More information
  • GDS Particle System for Monogame (Windows) - Orginally written for Microsoft XNA
  • A small collection of special pixel shaders for WPF. Currently supported (more to come): Pixelate, RadialBlur and Ripple.
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    This is a sample nuget package to test if XML Documentation is actually emitted to the Nuget Package.