ViewModelFactory Pattern for Xamarin.Forms
Bindable Object View Model and supporting artefacts for the Xamarin.Forms ViewModelFactory pattern VROOM implementation of MVVM, with API at www.Xamtastic.com ViewModelFactory Pattern for Xamarin.Forms is a lightweight library that affords the separation of concerns between the creation of Dynamic... More information
SmallestMvvm for Xamarin Forms
Have a view bound to a view model in 40 seconds, if you are as quick as a gazelle, with the API at www.Xamtastic.com SmallestMvvm for Xamarin.Forms contains all of those artefacts that are necessary for the smallest implementation of MVVM and achieves ViewModel injection using page class... More information
Azure.EventHub SAS Client for Xamarin.Forms and Windows 10 Universal
An IoT Windows Azure Event Hub Client that publishes messages to an Event Hub using a Shared Access Signature for authorisation, with the API at www.Xamtastic.com For Xamarin.Forms and Windows 10 Universal.