SharpCamera是专业的UVC摄像头深控类库。允许您在C#代码内修改摄像头的高级参数,比如亮度、对比度、清晰度、色调、饱和度、伽玛值、白平衡、逆光对比、增益、缩放、焦点、曝光、光圈、全景、倾斜、滚动等参数,且可以立即生效。可以对画面进行旋转,抓拍、获取每一帧的帧图片等操作。接口调用简单,不依赖任何第三方类库,.NET Framework2.0或更高皆可完美运行。
SharpCapture is an audio and video data acquisition class library. It is fully developed in C# language, based on DirectShow technology to achieve camera frame image acquisition, screen recording, sound card acquisition, microphone acquisition, mixing and many other powerful functions as a whole,... More information
SharpImage is a professional image special effect and image composition class library for. NET(C#, VB). With it, you can quickly realize Photoshop filter effects and layer composition. 1. Built-in 50+ kinds of image special effect filters. (such as brightness, contrast, negative, image shadow,... More information
SharpSocket is a. NET class library developed by C# language and specially used to realize socket network communication. By calling it, you can quickly implement TCP or UDP to send and receive any data. Whether it is unstructured data such as pictures, videos and audio, or text data such as JSON... More information