Provides a sample code to get started with SQLite: a sample user interface for inserting and retrieving data, in addition to the code required for each platform. Watch this video to get started: http://bit.ly/1pXqqE0 It supports: 1) Xamarin.Android 2) Xamarin.iOS 3) Windows UWP 4) Windows Store 5)... More information
Enrich your mobile application with Pie Charts that supports multiple platforms. Supported platforms: 1) Xamarin for Android 2) Windows Phone Silverlight 3) Windows Phone RT 4) Windows Store iOS is not supported yet! You can watch a video-demo in youtube:... More information
This plugin makes it easy to register to Microsoft Azure Push Notifications from a Xamarin.Forms project and supports using Tags. The supported projects are: - Xamarin.Forms - Xamarin.Android - Windows Phone 8.1 RT - Windows Phone Silverlight - Windows Store 8... More information
Provides a sample implementation of a ContentPage that shows how to use Microsoft ComputerVision (Cognitive Services API) to analyse an image to detect: - text - faces - emotion - ages - adult content - racy content - celebrities - tags -... More information
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Enrich your Windows UWP application with Charts. You simply start by adding this XAML code to create a pie chart: <pieCharts:RichPieChart Radius="200" StrokeThickness="50" /> Watch this video to help you get started: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MWaqfEOMkRs