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    • last updated 8/31/2012
    • Latest version: 2.2.0
    • jquery event drag
    The plugin works by using standard DOM events, and simulating custom events to create a drag interaction. It simplifies a recurring pattern of event interaction that can be fairly complex to design in a... More information
  • Quite simply, SlickGrid is a JavaScript grid/spreadsheet component. It is an advanced component and is going to be a bit more difficult to learn and configure, but once you realize its full potential, it will... More information
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    • last updated 1/2/2014
    • Latest version:
    • jquery hotkey
    jQuery Hotkeys is a plug-in that lets you easily add and remove handlers for keyboard events anywhere in your code supporting almost any key combination. This plugin is based off of the plugin by Tzury Bar... More information
  • This plug-in was inspired by the extJS border-layout, and recreates that functionality as a jQuery plug-in. The UI Layout plug-in can create any UI look you want - from simple headers or sidebars, to a complex... More information
  • T4WebFormsInjection is a T4 template that generates parameterless constructors to be used with constructor injection.
  • T4 template to create unmanaged streams to embedded resources in RELEASE builds and file streams in DEBUG builds.