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    • last updated 6/30/2023
    • Latest version: 2.0.10
    • UUID V1 V3 V4 V5
    A library that provides a way to handle, and generate UUIDs. Convert them to and from strings, GUIDs, and the like. The library is written to be fast and efficient when comparing, generating or other handling... More information
  • This library provides a set of default interfaces and code extensions upon .Net to ease up programming.
  • ConfigHandling.Net takes care of all your config or options objects. It takes care of saving, loading, and persistence of objects in memory. Config objects are saved in a centralized location.
    • 2,662 total downloads
    • last updated 6/22/2023
    • Latest version: 2.0.3
    • Minecraft NBT
    An NBT library for reading and writing NBT files, support Minecraft java and bedrock nbt/data