.NET Standard extensions: Algorithms: ArrayFisherYates, HashCode, Fast PRNG-s, BoxMuller AssemblyEx: AssemblyInfo. Core: ApplicationDirectory, ExpandoObjectExtensions, MimeMapping, Resource, ResourceAttachment, XTemplate SystemEx: BufferEventArgs, BufferPool, CommandLineArguments, DateRange, DGuid,... More information
Advanced Windows system information tools. It knows your IMEI and Windows Product Key even if you dont ;)
MVVM Helpers: - ViewModelBase, - ObservableCollectionEx - FullyObservableCollection, - EventToCommand, - DependencyObject, FrameworkElement and Visual extensions ApplicationExtensions allowing registering disposable objects to dispose when application exits.
Full safe inter-process communication solution. Allows to start processes and exchange data between them. Including processes started by different users, including SYSTEM account. Provides support to start processes in user context when the parent process is started from SYSTEM account.... More information
.NET Standard extensions providing the safest and the most effective SQL database interaction. This module is dependent on Microsoft SQL database client.