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A FTP client library compatible with .NET core >= 2.0. and .NET classic framework >= 2.0. It can resume previously interrupted uploads (tested with Microsoft FTP Service). Depends only on Microsoft.Extensions.Logging.Abstractions for .NET core and .NET classic framework >= 4.6.1. Depends on... More information
A set of useful methods targeting HttpClient. This first version provides extension methods to HttpClient adding the capability of downloading files with progress report and resume broken downloads. This is a experimental tool and also my first attempt to publish something on nuget, so expect many... More information
WebDAV client library for .NET, Xamarin iOS and Android for managing items on WebDAV RFC 4918, RFC 2518 and DeltaV RFC 3253 compliant WebDAV servers, uploading, downloading files, managing locks and file versions. The library is using Task-based Asynchronous Pattern (TAP) and requires .NET 4.5 or... More information