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QtPropertyObserver is library for .NET WPF. This Library can help the properties setter auto complete NofityPropertyChanged. Get more help on sample code. Supported Platform: .Net Framework 4+ 让Property的setter自动调用PropertyChanged方法,避免写一个私有变量,再写一个属性,主要用于WPF程序。使用说明请参阅sample。 支持的平台: .Net Framework... More information
This package provides simple INotifyPropertyChanged aspect. Put [Notify] attribure on your properties or a whole class. You can use [NotifyAlso] attributes to notify other dependant properties. Powered by AspectInjector.
A library in the Inferno suite to maintain consistency across libraries and in game code. Inferno is a game engine library set that sits on top of Xamarin and MonoGame. Providing a gaming infrastructure and library suite containing implementations for adding UI and gaming components to make your 2D... More information