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SDS(Service Domain Serializer) flexible, based on service domain contract dictionary, binary serializer. Now is obsolete. We are going to present the next version of binary Serialier - TSS(TypeSetSerializer) as the part of BCL solution(look at the project sources). TSS( is 4version of SDS) is geting... More information
Echo.Net is a library designed to handle background tasks within a web or windows app in a simple, easily configurable manner.
CsCheck is a C# random testing library inspired by QuickCheck. It differs in that generation and shrinking are both based on PCG, a fast random number generator. This gives the following advantages: - Automatic shrinking. Gen classes are composable with no need for Arb classes. So less... More information
Contains classes to help with threading programming. This library contains code from part of Wintellect's PowerThreading library https://github.com/Wintellect/PowerThreading