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  • Latest version: 2.23.0
C# implementation of gRPC based on native gRPC C-core library.
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gRPC and Protocol Buffer compiler for managed C# and native C++ projects. Add this package to a project that contains .proto files to be compiled to code. It contains the compilers, include files and project system integration for gRPC and Protocol buffer service description files necessary to... More information
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  • Latest version: 2.3.0
  • gRPC HTTP2
Unified Realtime/API Engine for .NET Core and Unity.
This package contains bindings for using Bond with gRPC. The Bond-generated gRPC code depends on types in this assembly. Bond is an open source, cross-platform framework for working with schematized data. It supports cross-language serialization/deserialization and powerful generic... More information
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  • Latest version: 3.0.0-alpha
  • etcd grpc etcdv3 etcd3
A C# .NET (dotnet) GRPC client for etcd v3+. etcd is a distributed key value store that provides a reliable way to store data across a cluster of machines. It’s open-source and available on GitHub. etcd gracefully handles leader elections during network partitions and will tolerate machine failure,... More information
Helm contains a .NET client which you can use to interact with Helm, the package manager for Kubernetes. It contains an client-side implementation of HAPI, the gRPC-based Helm API