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C5 by: ondfisk
The C5 Generic Collection Library for C# and CLI is a comprehensive collection library supporting lists, sets, bags, dictionaries, priority queues, (FIFO) queues, and (LIFO) stacks. C5 runs on everything supporting .NET Standard 2.0: .NET Core 2.0+, .NET 4.6.1+, Mono, Xamarin, Universal Windows... More information
Helpful static methods (or extension methods) for enums and delegates, with constraints which can't be expressed in regular C#.
************************************************************ Simple Monitoring Client ************************************************************ If you install this package, please insert this line of code: <view:MainUserControlView x:Name="MainUserControl" /> into your main window.
O projeto Ezconet Data Generics auxilia no projeto Ezconet Data para trabalhar com construções de objetos via Reflection e contém um Repositório Genérico.