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The Tiraggo Dynamic Query API (based on EntitySpaces) for the Entity Framework (VS2010 or VS2012). Use Tiraggo instead of LINQ/Lambda expressions to load your EF POCO's via the intuitive Tiraggo Dynamic Query API.
Tiraggo.js is a JavaScript framework that allows you to work with JavaScript classes the same way in which you would C# classes. No low level Ajax call, just call .save() on your class and it's saved. Your classes are generated via the My2ndGeneration desktop version of the My2ndGeneration Cloud.
Project references for Entityspaces ORM Architecture v2012.1.0930.0 You will need to download Entityspaces Studio in order to generate your data layer. For further info, see the project site or http://download.cnet.com/EntitySpaces-Studio/3000-10250_4-10590953.html