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BotDetect CAPTCHA Generator protects ASP.NET/Core forms from spam. The Captcha protection is available on .NET/Core for jQuery, Angular & React frontends and ASP.NET MVCCore, MVC1-5, WebForms & WebPages backends. It works in China; doesn't stalk; nor does it slurp your form-data -- think: GDPR &... More information
reCAPTCHA for .NET allows a developer to easily integrate Google's reCAPTCHA service (the most popular captcha control used by millions of sites) in an ASP.NET Web Forms or ASP.NET MVC web application. The primary features of the library are: * Renders recaptcha control with appropriate options. *... More information
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  • Latest version: 2.0.0
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XCaptcha is an extendable and simple to use framework for creating CAPTCHA images.
This is a helper library for google reCAPTCHA 2.0 Getting started guide: https://github.com/PaulMiami/reCAPTCHA/wiki/Getting-started Change log: https://github.com/PaulMiami/reCAPTCHA/wiki/Change-log
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  • Latest version: 2.0.0-preview2
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